A comfortable trip with or without your vehicle


The Urlaubs-Express-Trains have been rolling since May 12, 2017. In 2021/22, there are eight national and international motorail connections from/to Hamburg-Altona and Düsseldorf. In addition, there are ten night train connections under the secondary brand UEX Night plus two ski trains.

Urlaubs-Express customers enjoy a comfortable ride in the vehicles of the in-house Train4you fleet in cozy couchette compartments in various occupancy variants (up to a maximum of six persons) or in sleeping cars with a maximum of three passengers. On winter services, there is a club car that invites you to get together with other passengers. On all trains there is a service at the seat with a corresponding gastronomic offer.

The Urlaubs-Express offer is not only aimed at customers with cars or motorcycles, but can also be booked as UEX Night without a vehicle. The UEX Night is usually run as an extension of the car trains after the car transport cars have been separated. UEX Night passengers can also board and disembark at intermediate stops without loading a vehicle, thus taking advantage of attractive and often exclusive connections. Appropriate carriages are available for bicycles on many trains. As a climate-friendly night train, the UEX is an alternative to flying on vacation for passengers without a vehicle.UEX trips can be booked via www.urlaubs-express.de or by calling our Service Center at 0221/800 20 820.