Your Accommodation – Our Sleeping Cars and Couchettes


The UEX Night and motorail trains consists of sleeping cars, couchettes and sometimes seat carriages in addition to the car transporters (on motorail trains) and thus offers you a comfortable journey. New since summer 2021: The couchette category “Max2” – more distance and more storing space for you. Below you will find detailed information on the vehicles and booking categories.

Couchettes a relaxed ride with plenty of space

UEX_Zugausstattung_Liegewagen The couchette car is the standard accomodation on our UEX night and motorail trains. Our spacious compartments are occupied by a maximum of four people (plus children under four years of age who do not need their own bed) when booking a compartment. So you book the whole compartment for yourself and can name up to three passengers (plus children under four, see above). If you book single seats, up to six passengers (plus children under four, see abvove) can travel in one compartment.  On from summer service 2021, there is a new couchette booking category “Max2” in the UEX. Here, a single seat can be booked, but we will only place one additional person instead of a maximum of five additional people (plus children under four years, see above) in the compartment. Max2 thus ensures more distance and, of course, more storage space in the compartment.

Sleeping cars – while you dream of the goal, we get you there

UEX_Zugausstattung_SchlafwagenPremium accommodation is available in our sleeping cars. These comfortable compartments offer ample space for a maximum of three persons on our night trains. As opposed to an aircraft, there is no shortage of legroom here. Our UEX sleeping cars are equipped with a wash area and a plug socket in every compartment. Bedding and towels are provided.  Our sleeping cars type AB30 are positioned at the front and back of the train. This limits traffic in the corridors and ensures a good night’s rest. Our check-in staff will receive you at the motorail terminal or at later stops on the journey, escort you to your compartment, and be on hand to answer all your needs.

The Junior Suites – the top category in the Urlaubs-Express

UEX_Zugausstattung_Junior-SuiteOur Junior Suites are the top end in accomodation on the Urlaubs-Express. Enjoy the  comfort and the space of two sleeping cars that are connected by an internal door. The separation of a living and a sleeping room is a convenient feature i.e. one passenger already wants to got to bed while the other one still likes to read a little. The kids can sleep, while the parents enjoy the rest of the evening next door. The Junior Suites have one washing area on either side. Bedding and towels are provided. Junior Suites can only be booked as a whole compartment for a maximum of three persons.  Enjoy ample space and etxra storage room.

Motorail wagons – a safe journey for your vehicle

UEX_Zugausstattung_AutozugwagenYour vehicle is transported on internationally approved motorail wagons from our very own Train4You fleet of rolling stock. Loading and unloading is supervised by our team of trained staff, who ensure that all vehicles are properly secured for the journey. Driving onto the wagon is like entering a carwash. If required, one of our employees will drive your vehicle onto the wagon. In this case, however, we can accept no liability. At the time of booking please have ready all vehicle data regarding size and weight, as specified in the vehicle registration document. The key data required for loading are kerb weight and vehicle dimensions (length, width, and height, including, if appropriate, a roof box or trailer). Please ensure to enter the correct data at the time of booking so as to avoid any problems and delays at the terminal. And please plan to arrive at the terminal two to three hours before departure. The exact time of loading will be stated on your booking.

Bicycle transport – if you want to take your bike with you

For those planning a fit and healthy biking holiday and want to have their own bicycle at hand, UEX offers bicycle transport, either in bicycle lockers on the motorail wagons if there is  availability or lashed on the motorail wagon thus saving you the time, trouble and expense of hiring a bike at your destination. Many UEX guests also use our trains as night trains without car transport. Please note: Bookings for bicylcle transport are currently only possible start/finish to/from the motorail terminals.