Cologne – Westerland (Sylt) – Cologne 2020

40 kilometres of finest sandy beach, a fantastic North Sea climate, legendary holiday resorts such as Westerland, Kampen or List: Sylt is the German dream island par excellence for many holidaymakers.

The Urlaubs-Express takes its passengers directly to the heart of the island, where, thanks to the well-developed local transport system and the network of cycle paths, you can get around perfectly even without a car, while also protecting the environment. Book your journey to Sylt with the Urlaubs-Express now for a relaxed beach holiday without crossing the border and possible uncertainties abroad.

The Urlaubs-Express runs every Saturday from Cologne until August 15th with many possibilities for boarding in the Rhineland, Ruhr area and Münsterland in the direction of Westerland. The train starts in the morning and reaches Germany’s largest North Sea island as scheduled at 2 pm, before it picks up guests an hour later for the return journey to the Rhineland. This makes this UEX day train ideal for changing beds at the final destination and offers a stress-free journey without traffic jams, car loading or changing trains. With its attractive stopovers, the train also connects Sylt with other attractive destinations such as the Wadden Sea National Park, St. Peter-Ording and the islands of Föhr and Amrum. A day trip to Hamburg becomes just as attractive. From Dortmund and Hamm, the Urlaubs-Express even offers exclusive direct rail connections to Sylt!

The Urlaubs-Express in the direction of Westerland is equipped with comfortable first and second class coaches. A very special railway feeling is revived in the historic first class vehicles, which once were part of the “Rheingold” train . You can find more information about the train equipment here.

until 22.08.20
Train UEX 1854
 until 22.08.20
Train UEX 1853
dep. 06:30Cologne Hbfarr. 22:22
dep. 06:54Düsseldorf Hbfarr. 21:55
dep. 07:20Essen Hbfarr. 21:26
dep. 07:43Dortmund Hbfarr. 21:06
dep. 08:06Hamm (Westf)arr. 20;45
dep. 08:29Münster (Westf) Hbfarr. 20:28
- not 22.08. -
dep. 08:55Osnabrück Hbfarr. 20:02
- not 22.08 -
------Hamburg-Harburgarr. 18:15
- only 25.07. -
dep. 18:23
- only 25.07. -
arr. 10:47dep. 10:50Hamburg Hbfarr. 18:01*
arr. 18:07
dep. 18:04*
dep. 18:09
arr. 10:59dep. 11:09Hamburg-Altonaarr.17:51
- not 25.07. -
dep. 17:59
- not 25.07. -
arr. 12:30Heide (Holst)dep. 16:33
arr. 12:57Husumdep. 16:08
arr. 13:27Niebülldep. 15:41
arr. 14:04Westerland (Sylt)dep. 15:09
*= only on 25.07. Please note: All times quoted refer to our regular timetable. Due to construction work etc. on the routes, changes may occur. Please refer to the travel documents sent to you for the exact departure times.


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Days of Travel

Cologne – Westerland (Sylt)
until August 15th, 2020
every saturday (day train)

Westerland (Sylt) – Cologne
until August 15th, 2020
every saturday (day train)


    • Train ride with Urlaubs-Express on the booked connection
    • Reserved seat in the booked category
    • At-Seat-Service
    • Travel guide aboard
    • optional: breakfast in the on-board restaurant (16,90 Euro)
    • optional: lunch in the on-board restaurant (21,90 Euro)


  • optional: coffee & cake in the on-board restaurant (invoiced according to consumption)
  • optional: three-course menu in the on-board restaurant (35.90 Euro)


Cologne Hbf
Düsseldorf Hbf
Essen Hbf
Dortmund Hbf
Hamm (Westf)
Münster (Westf) Hbf
Osnabrück Hbf
Hamburg Hbf
Heide (Holst.)
Westerland (Sylt)