Only in 2020: Düsseldorf – Verona becomes Düsseldorf – Innsbruck

Italy remains one of the most popular holiday destinations and is easily accessible from Innsbruck.

Normally the Urlaubs-Express runs from Düsseldorf via Cologne, the headquarters of Train4you, as well as Frankfurt, Munich, Innsbruck and Bozen to Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. Only in 2020 the UEX will already turn in Innsbruck, but from there it is not far to Italy by car…
For our guests from North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and, of course, the Netherlands and Belgium, the departures from Düsseldorf offer the ideal opportunity to travel by car overnight to their holiday destination and save many hundreds of kilometres of motorway. From Innsbruck, there are great opportunities to continue your journey. Many guests use the UEX on the way to the ferries to Croatia or Greece. Italy itself has been a favourite travel destination for many for years. Two hours by car south of Verona, Tuscany is already attracting visitors. Verona itself also has a lot to offer. The old town belongs to the world cultural heritage. The annual opera festival in the “Arena di Verona” enjoys a worldwide reputation. The UEX West – exceptionally – to Innsbruck offers a north-south connection on Fridays and a south-north connection on Saturdays in 2020.

- cancelled -
Train UEX 1385
- Night Fri/Sat
Train UEX 1849
  - Night 12./13.09.
Train UEX 1848
Night Sat/Sun
Train UEX 1848
dep. 18.44
- cancelled -
dep. 21.00Düsseldorf Hbf
- Vehicle loading -
arr. 07.05arr. 08.15*
dep. 19.19
- cancelled -
dep. 21.30Cologne Hbfarr. 06.15arr. 07.35
dep. 20.20
- cancelled -
dep. 22.30Koblenz Hbfarr. 04.23arr. 05.53
dep. 21.51
- cancelled -
dep. 23.56Frankfurt/M Süd---arr. 04.42
arr. 03.19
- cancelled -
arr. 06.00Munich Eastdep. 21.30dep. 23.59
arr. 04.19
- cancelled -
arr. 07.05Kufsteindep. 20.30dep. 23.01
arr. 05.15
- cancelled -
arr. 08.01*Innsbruck Hbf
- Vehicle loading
dep. 19.30dep. 22.00
arr. 07.45
- cancelled -
---Bolzano/Bozen---dep. 20.07
- cancelled -
arr. 09.55*
- cancelled -
---Verona Porta Nuova
- Vehicle loading -
---dep. 18.05
- cancelled -
* followed by vehicle unloading
Please note: All times here are approximate until the official timetable is released. There might be changes due to construction works on the tracks, for instance. Customers will find the exact departure times on their vouchers.


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Days of Travel

Düsseldorf – Innsbruck
(to Verona omitted)
until Sep. 18th, 2020
every Friday/Saturday

Innsbruck – Düsseldorf
(from Verona omitted)
until Sep. 19th, 2020
every Saturday/Sunday


  • Train ride with Urlaubs-Express on the booked connection
  • Reserved seat in the booked category
  • At-Seat-Service (suspended during nighttime)
  • Travel guide aboard
  • optional: Vehicle transport Düsseldorf <-> Innsbruck
  • optional: UEX On-Board Breakfast served at seat (8,90)


Düsseldorf Hbf (Vehicle loading)
Munich East
Innsbruck Hbf (Vehicle loading)

omitted: Bolzano/Bozen
Verona P.N. (Vehicle loading)

Vehicle Dimensions

AUT: max. 2,03 m
ITA: max. 1,95 m

max. 5,30 m – with trailer max. 10 m

max. 1,95 m (wing mirrors folded in)