Roof racks or roof boxes are only permitted if they are commercially available (not homemade), permanently mounted roof boxes or roof racks and the total height of the passenger car permitted on the car carrier is not exceeded as a result. The same applies to rear carriers (including load). For vehicles with roof racks – and/or roof box, the height including the roof superstructure must be specified. This applies analogously to the length and height of rear carriers. It is recommended to contact our ServiceCenter (, 0221-80020820) when booking roof or rear racks. Irrespective of the booking, the loadmaster may in exceptional cases order at the terminal that roof or rear superstructures be removed by the vehicle driver for safety reasons or for the purpose of optimum load distribution. In this case, boxes/carriers are secured separately from the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle is obliged to carry any special tools necessary for mounting the boxes/carriers.