Bicycles can be transported for an additional fee. If the bicycle is mounted on a rear rack on the car, bicycle transport is free of charge. Please note: The total length of the loaded vehicle, i.e. including the bicycles on the rear carrier, must not exceed the length of 5.35m. The bike rack must be approved for the weight (no homemade). When transporting e-bikes, please make sure that you use a suitable and approved carrier due to the higher weight of the e-bikes. Due to height restrictions, it is not possible to transport your bike on the roof of your vehicle. Height restrictions also apply in the case of bicycles transported on rear racks. Cars with rear bike racks are loaded on top or bottom. Please be sure to specify the entrainment when booking and to transmit the total length of the vehicle incl. bike rear rack. Bringing the batteries of e-bikes into the compartment is not allowed for safety reasons (fire protection).