Luggage may be left on motorcycles as long as it is stored in the saddlebags or motorcycle cases attached to the motorcycle. Additionally attached luggage can remain on the motorcycle if the luggage forms a solid compact unit, the luggage is firmly attached to the motorcycle, lashing straps (no rubber spiders or rubber ropes) are used for lashing, no attachment points required for lashing are covered, the luggage can withstand a driving speed of the motorail of 160 km/h as well as additional lateral wind gusts, the luggage can withstand transport on the entire route or on partial routes against the direction of travel (reverse transport). Translated with (free version) Loose luggage (e.g. pots) must be removed in all cases and taken onto the train by the motorcyclist. This also applies to pieces of luggage that cover anchorage points required for transport fastening. Due to the limited space on the vehicle transport vehicle, these pieces of luggage must always be removed from the motorcycle before loading onto the vehicle transport vehicle. Motorcycle helmets must not remain on the motorcycle during the train ride.