Celebrate and have fun on our special party trains

While our motorail trains “Urlaubs-Express” stand for a calm and relaxed way to travel, the party trains of our partner MSM-Gruppe are of a different type. There the party starts right away after boarding the special train that runs on certain days and “sways” to its destination. In the centre of the train there is at least one party car called “Sambawagen”, where the DJ will be spinning the best party sounds. The bars will provide you with beverages the whole trip long. Draught beer, longdrinks but also nonalcoholic drinks are available.

On the party trains friends meet friends and make new friends. The flirt factor reaches top level, but also couples enjoy a few hours of exuberant partying.

During the party year 2020 we offer special trains travelling to the famous cologne carnival, the “Hafengeburtstag” in Hamburg, to the island of Norderney und to the great Oktoberfest in Munich. For more information and booking click here.