Stay healthy! Travel relaxed with hygiene measures

Dear UEX guests! The health of our guests as well as our employees has the highest priority. For this reason we ask you to observe the following hygiene measures on our trains.

 Keep a distance!   Please keep a minimum distance of 1.50 metres to passengers with whom you are not travelling together or who are not sharing a compartment, and to our staff.

Wear mouth-nose cover!  Please wear a mouth-and-nose cover outside your compartment, especially in the aisle area of the coaches. The mouth-and-nose-covers can also be purchased aboard the Urlaubs-Express if necessary.

Maintain hand hygiene!  Please wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

 Please respect the sneezing and coughing routine! When coughing and sneezing, please use a tissue and dispose of it immediately. If you do not have one available, please cough or sneeze with your elbow.

 Do you need help folding down the beds?   Our UEX crew will be happy to continue to offer you this service. Please understand that during the process our staff will ask you to leave the compartment and wait in the aisle for a short moment

 Note on bedding   After each journey the bed linen will be changed and pillows + blankets will be disinfected. Alternatively you have of course the opportunity to use your own bed linen.

Disinfection agents If you need disinfectant during your journey in the Urlaubs-Express, you can obtain it in the usual quantity from the UEX crew.

With your prudence you will protect yourself, the other guests and the UEX train staff, who will continue to give you the best possible support during your journey.

Thank you very much!