Just in case: Insurances for your trip with the UEX

Our partner HanseMerkur offers favourable tariffs for all topics around the vacation and the motorail.

Urlaubs-Express journeys are often booked well in advance – our early booking system rewards long-term planning with favourable prices. But what if something happens in between? A stroke of fate in the family or a professional necessity that makes your trip with us impossible? An illness, because of which you cannot travel? In times of Corona, for example, a quarantine can also come in between.

Bookings with the Urlaubs-Express are binding after receipt of the booking confirmation – for you and for us. Therefore, tickets can no longer be cancelled free of charge a few days after receipt of the booking confirmation. As with most providers, our cancellation rate increases until shortly before the start of the trip. With a travel cancellation insurance policy from HanseMerkur, you can insure your personal cancellation risk for the UEX trip for a small premium. Events in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic are also covered to a large extent. With the new Corona travel insurance of HanseMerkur, you can now protect yourself before and during your trip against additional costs caused by a possible infection with Covid-19 and thus travel carefree even in times of Corona. And you can take advantage of the early booking prices at UEX with peace of mind. Good to know: The Corona Travel Protection can be added later to your existing travel protection contract with HanseMerkur – of course before starting your journey.

Something can also happen during the transport of your vehicle on the motorail. Train4you is liable for damage during the loading and unloading process in cases of negligent or culpable behavior of its coworkers and authorized personnel. But not every scratch on the rims or crack in the windscreen can be attributed to this. With the motorail and ferry insurance of HanseMerkur you are on the safe side. Starting from as little as 18 euro per direction you can insure damages up to 7500 euro. A higher sum of up to 40,000 euros is possible. You can find out more about the insured risks in the insurance conditions of HanseMerkur, which you can download during the booking process. Please note that the contract form for this insurance is only available in german, but the insurance itself is of course open for foreign customers as well.

HanseMerkur also offers favorable group or family tariffs for all of the above-mentioned insurances. Please note the information after the redirection to the HanseMerkur page.

Motorail  Insurance (in German only)

Health Insurance for Travel abroad

Travel Cancellation Insurance + Holiday Guarantee

Corona Travel Protection (in German only)