Motorail Train Hamburg – Lörrach – Hamburg 2022
The classic train to the border triangle

Hamburg - Lörrach - Hamburg

The connection to Lörrach in the border triangle Germany – Switzerland – France is the classic among motorail train services. The small district town not far from Basel is a popular starting point for onward journeys to the south, for example to southern France, northern Italy and Spain.

Fans of the Balearic Islands then take the ferry from Barcelona, Valencia or Denia to Ibiza, Formentera or Mallorca. The same applies of course to trips to Corsica, for example from Nice. The loading terminal in Lörrach is conveniently located. From here it is only a stone’s throw to the winter sports and mountain hiking areas of the northern and western Alps, for example. The connection to Lörrach is also popular with motorcyclists who want to enjoy riding fun in the mountains without having to travel 800 boring kilometres on the motorway in all weathers. This motorail train also enjoys great popularity in the opposite direction. Guests from southern Germany, Switzerland, France or Luxembourg like to include the train in their travel plans for Scandinavia holidays.


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  • Train ride on the booked route
  • Seat reservation in the booked category
  • At-seat-service outside of the night’s rest
  • Tour guide on the train
  • optional: small breakfast served at seat (€ 8.90, board price € 9.50)
  • optional: vehicle transport Hamburg <–> Lörrach


Hamburg-Altona (vehicle loading)
Hamburg Hbf
Hanover Hbf
Karlsruhe Hbf
Freiburg (Brsg) Hbf
Lörrach (vehicle loading)

Vehicle Dimensions

max. 2,05 m (at roof width max 1,35 m)
max. 1,96 m (at roof width max 1,55 m)

max. 5,30 m – with trailer max. 10,60 m

max.1,95 m (wing mirrors folded in)