Motorail Train Hamburg – Verona – Hamburg 2022
Lake Garda, Tuscany or South Tyrol – Enjoy your holiday in Italy

Hamburg - Verona - Hamburg

The classic of the Urlaubs-Express will of course be back in 2022.

Save yourself stress and traffic jams and tolls on around 1300 kilometres of motorways, tunnels and over the Alpine passes and start your holiday relaxed.

Verona, Venice, Tuscany and, of course, the fascinating mountain world of the Dolomites, the northern Italian lakes such as Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda – all these dream holiday destinations are just as easily reached from Verona as ferries are for translating, for example to Corsica or Sardinia.

But also Verona is always worth a trip. Visit the old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its many ancient buildings. In the amphitheatre, the “Arena di Verona”, the world famous opera festival takes place every year. Since 2017, every summer season the Urlaubs-Express trains have been running to the city on the banks of the Adige river with the one with the balcony of “Romeo and Juliet”.


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  • Train ride in the Urlaubs-Express on the booked route
  • Reservation of seats in the booked category
  • At-seat service outside of the night’s rest
  • Tour guide on the train
  • optional: Breakfast served at seat (€14,90, on-board price € 15,50)
  • optional: vehicle transport Hamburg <-> Verona


Hamburg-Altona (Vehicle Loading)
Hamburg Hbf
Hanover Hbf
Göttingen (northbound)
Würzburg Hbf
Augsburg Hbf (southbound)
Munich East
Innsbruck Hbf
Verona P.N. (Vehicle Loading)

Vehicle Dimensions

max. 1,95 m
max. 5,30 m – with trailer max. 10 m
max. 1,95 m (wing mirrors folded in)