Night Train Hamburg – Lörrach – Hamburg 2021

The night train to Lörrach via Hannover and Freiburg is an interesting alternative to the daytime offers.

With the UEX Hamburg-Lörrach, the Urlaubs-Express is launching another “real” night train: With couchette and sleeping cars as well as junior suites, the journey to the German southwest and back is relaxed. This will create direct night connections from Hamburg and Hanover to Freiburg. Incidentally, the Urlaubs-Express is also celebrating a small anniversary with this train: with the journey to Lörrach on 12 May, we are celebrating the Urlaubs-Express’s fifth anniversary.


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Dates of service

Hamburg – Lörrach
May 12th – August 7th, 2021
various days of service

Lörrach – Hamburg
May 13th – August 8th, 2021
various days of service


  • Train ride on the booked route
  • Seat reservation in the booked category (depending on traffic day, 5 seats available in the couchette car)
  • On-place service outside of the night’s rest
  • Tour guide on the train
  • Breakfast included


Hamburg Hbf
Hannover Hbf
Karlruhe Hbf
Freiburg Hbf