UEX-Terminals and Vehicle Dimensions

UEX-Terminal Innsbruck Hbf

Amraser Straße
A-6020 Innsbruck
7C72+5P Innsbruck


UEX-Terminal Lörrach ARZ

Bahnhofstraße 18
79539 Lörrach
JM99+G Lörrach

UEX-Terminal München Ost

Friedensstraße 17
81671 München
4JG4+MG München

UEX-Terminal Hamburg-Altona

Präsident Krahn-Straße 14
22765 Hamburg
HW3P+H8 Hamburg

UEX-Terminal Düsseldorf Hbf

Schlägelstraße 5-7
40227 Düsseldorf
6QCW+BW Düsseldorf

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Train from/tomax. Length in cmmax. Width in cm
(wing mirrors folded)
max. Height in cm
Düsseldorf - Innsbruck
530 (with trailer 1000)196
203 (195 at roof width >135)
Düüseldorf - Verona
530 (with trailer 1000)
196195 (190 at roof width >135)
Düsseldorf- München530 (with trailer 1000)
196 205 (195 at roof width >135)
Hamburg - München530 (with trailer 1000)196 205 (195 at roof width >135)
Hamburg - Lörrach530 (with trailer 1000)
196205 (195 at roof width >135))
Hamburg - Verona530 (with trailer 1000)
195 (190 at roof width >135)

Please note the following information when booking:

  • Please enter the vehicle data from your vehicle registration document. Please do not estimate or google. The dimensions (including the weight!) are important for our capacity planning and become part of the transport contract. In case of deviations, our loadmasters may unfortunately have to refuse the transport! By the way: The weight of the vehicle does not play a role in the price of the Urlaubs-Express!
  • Measure the height with all superstructures, e.g. roof racks/roof boxes. If necessary, the roof rack can be removed and loaded separately for a fee if this has been booked in advance. In this case, please do not forget to bring the special tools required for your model to remove the roof rack for loading.
  • Bicycles on rear carriers can be transported if they do not exceed the overall height together with the wheel, are not self-built and are approved for the weight of the transported bicycles.
  • FIf you book early and change your vehicle before the journey, please remember to inform our ServiceCenter if the dimensions of the new vehicle exceed those of the previous one. A rebooking is then possible for a fee if there is still capacity for the larger vehicle.
  • If you have any questions about car loading, please contact our ServiceCenter in advance at +49 (0) 221 800 20 820. The Urlaubs-Express Team wishes you a safe journey!