Fresh energy for a proven idea

Auto.Zug.Reisen. Hamburg is to be the hub for the new motorail services operating under the Urlaubs-Express (UEX) brand and their fresh claim Auto.Zug.Reisen. UEX is operated by the Cologne-based Train4you Group, Germany’s largest private rail charter company, and has started its service on 12th May 2017. On offer there is a choice of four classic and attractive motorail destinations: Lörrach, Verona, Villach, and Munich—all departing from Hamburg-Altona. From Dueseldorf our trains run to Verona, Villach and Munich.

Passengers travelling with UEX will enjoy a comfortable journey in the Train4you fleet of rolling stock, with accommodation in either couchettes or sleeping cars. Included in all tickets is a light breakfast brought to passengers in their compartment. Our trains to Verona and the over-day-trains Duesseldorf – Munich carry an on-board dining car serving. UEX passengers on these trains can enjoy a three-course evening meal followed by a gourmet breakfast the following morning. On the over-day-train lunch can be booked as well.

A single journey without a vehicle is available from €89. The top-of-the-range Junior Suites start at prices from €499.  UEX trains are available not only to motorists travelling by car or motorcycle but also to passengers without a vehicle. These foot passengers can also join the train at stations en route, where no vehicles are loaded, such as Lüneburg, Hanover, and Göttingen, and thereby take advantage of attractive overnight services.