Fresh energy for a proven idea

Motorail and night trains have a long tradition. With its brand Urlaubs-Express and the fresh claim Auto.Zug.Reisen, the Cologne-based Train4you Group continues this tradition. Our service has started e on 12th May 2017. On offer in 2022 there is a choice of classic and attractive motorail destinations:  Verona, Villach, Innsbruck, Munich and Lörrach — all departing from Hamburg-Altona. From Duesseldorf our trains run to Verona and Villach and Innsbruck.

Of course, you can also use the Urlaubs-Express in the opposite direction, for example to continue travelling from Hamburg to your Scandinavian holiday. Thanks to our flexible pricing system, you can benefit from favourable conditions if you book early. We can take you to your destination for as little as 89 euros (one-way trip without vehicle).

The idea of loading the car onto the train and covering long distances in a relaxed, stress-free, material-friendly and cost-effective way is almost a hundred years old. We are convinced that it is still relevant. Because it is a good idea for pleasant travelling. Our claim “Auto.Zug.Reisen” (Car. Train. Travel) stands for this logical connection.

With the Urlaubs-Express, you make distance while you sleep and continue the journey to your individual destination the next morning in your own vehicle. Enjoy the freedom to take as much luggage as you can fit in your vehicle and maybe even a trailer. By the way, save your mileage account with insurers and the leasing partner. Do you like to have your own bike with you on holiday? No problem, we’ll be happy to take it along too.

Of course, you can also use the UEX without a vehicle. With the stops along the way, there are attractive night train connections to great destinations in the Alps or at the Baltic Sea. Why not avoid the hustle and bustle of the airport? With us, you board in the evening, arrive in the morning well rested and have used a very environmentally friendly means of transport.

Thanks to our experience as Germany’s largest private charter train provider, we know a thing or two about service and comfort. In the carriages of our in-house Train4you fleet you will enjoy plenty of legroom.  On all trains, it is possible to order breakfast at your seat.

Since 2018, the Urlaubs-Express is also running in the winter season. From Hamburg and Münster, the UEX ski trains travel with a lot of attractive stops  to the most beautiful winter sports areas in Austria. Between Hamburg and Munich it is possible to take your car on these trains.