UEX-Couchettes in new Design!

The Urlaubs-Express couchette cars are starting the 2021 summer season with a new outfit. After four years with the silver stripe on the sides of the cars, things are now getting more colorful: A dot motif and a rainbow at the ends of the cars take up the colors from the Urlaubs-Express logo and symbolize traveling from place to place and wanderlust. “Our Urlaubs-Express, with its massive length of sometimes more than 500 meters and the combination of passenger coaches and car transporters, has always been an eye-catcher in train stations. With the new colorful design, we want to emphasize the idea of vacation travel by train once again. In addition, such an investment in our vehicles shows confidence in the future viability of the brand and the night train itself,” said Train4you spokesman Christian Oeynhausen. The new “dress” of the UEX couchette cars was designed by the Kiel-based company Kassiopeia-Werbung.