UEX Winter Motorail train Hamburg – Munich – Hamburg 2022/23

Save yourself many hundreds of kilometers of highway in snow, black ice and endless traffic jams: With the UEX winter car train Hamburg – Munich you will arrive safely and relaxed at the foot of the Alps and back.

This motorail train is a classic in the Urlaubs-Express programme. For good reason: For years, winter vacationers have gladly taken advantage of the opportunity to have their car transported by the UEX instead of undergoing a highly strenuous and dangerous night journey. Anyone who has ever spent a night in an endless traffic jam in a car at sub-zero temperatures and longed for a helper with a hot drink knows the advantages of car transport. And how quickly a small slip causes a fender bender, resulting in lost time, paperwork and possibly even high costs. Nobody needs that, especially not during your precious vacation days.

With the Urlaubs-Express, on the other hand, your car is safe and you can order a delicious breakfast and a hot drink in the morning. This way, you arrive rested and relaxed in the morning in the Bavarian capital. The loading terminal at Ostbahnhof is conveniently located for starting the onward journey to Bavarian ski resorts such as Berchtesgadener Land or the Zugspitz region and, of course, to the Austrian Alps or even Italy.  And for the return trip, of course, the same applies: With the UEX car train to Hamburg, you not only transport your car safely home, but also your vacation feeling.

This UEX runs in the winter to Hamburg alternately via Bremen and Hanover or via Berlin to Munich to accommodate guests without vehicles. By the weekly change of the train’ s path south and north a weekly rhythm for the “pedestrians” arises for outward and return journey to their hometown.


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  • Train ride on the Urlaubs-Express on the booked route
  • Reservation of seats in the booked category
  • On-place service outside of the night’s rest
  • Tour guide on the train
  • optional: breakfast served at seat (€ 8,90, on-board price € 9,50)
  • optional: car transport Hamburg <–> Munich


HH-Altona (Vehicle loading)
Hamburg Hbf
Hannover Hbf
Berlin Zoologischer Garten
Berlin Hbf
Munich East (Vehicle loading)

Vehicle Dimensions

max. 2,05/1,96 m
max. 5,30 m – mit Anhänger max. 10 m
max. 1,95 m (wing mirrors folded in)