Trains to Verona run differently to Innsbruck –
Verona back in the program up from 2021

After about three months with many drastic measures, the corona crisis has fortunately now seen a number of easing measures. The borders within the EU are open again. Nevertheless, restrictions are still in place this summer. These also affect travel itself and the (official) measures relating to the organisation of travel. In these difficult times – for our guests, but also for us, because there is hardly any coordinated action by the authorities and governments and news and measures change weekly, sometimes daily – the UEX team has held numerous meetings and consultations, also with the foreign railways, in order to guarantee you the best possible train service during the summer months, which at the same time can also be reliably fulfilled by us.
In this context it was decided that the UEX car trains originally planned on the Hamburg – Verona – Hamburg route would be shortened with the new destination/start Innsbruck. On individual traffic days, the trains will end/start in Munich.

The reason for this is by no means a reservation against travelling to Italy per se – we hear from our partners on the other side of the Brenner Pass that even in the present time, with the well-known restrictions, a relaxing holiday is possible there and that the Italians would like nothing more than to welcome you there. However, due to the Corona crisis, our Italian partners in the railway infrastructure, whose involvement is required by the authorities, are not yet in a position to demonstrate our train performance on the last section again. For this reason, the Urlaubs-Express will be able to offer reliable services only as far as Austria this summer.

In summer 2021, the popular Verona route will again be included in the UEX offer. Already in mid-August the Urlaubs-Express will announce its 2021 summer programme and open for booking. Of course, vouchers for journeys from summer 2020 can then also be used.