Why travel by motorail? There are big advantages!


Rather than driving all that way yourself, why not let UEX motorail take the strain? It’s the best way to travel safely, comfortably, and cheaply. Just look at all the benefits!


  • The train is one of the safest modes of transport. Travel in smart, international-standard carriages from our very own Train4you fleet of rolling stock.
  • Journey regardless of weather conditions—whether summer heatwave, torrential rain, or the sudden onset of winter.


  • Your journey is totally relaxed and untroubled by traffic jams or roadworks
  • No need to interrupt your journey in order to take a break. Thanks to our fixed timetables, you can precisely plan your journey.
  • Take as much luggage as you like. With UEX motorail, there’s no need to weigh your bags before you leave. And there’s no problem with multiple items of luggage. Your bags can stay safely in the car while you travel, so there’s no hauling baggage down the corridor and heaving it on to luggage racks. And we even transport bicycles.
  • If you’re travelling as a family or group, only one person per vehicle needs to appear for check-in and loading. This means, for example, that accompanying passengers can join the train at a later stop.
  • UEX motorail trains offer something for everyone. We also have seats for passengers travelling without a vehicle—plus the attractive option of joining the train at a later stop.
  • Freedom of movement: on board our trains, you can walk around and enjoy the journey.
  • Our child-friendly couchettes are equipped with a table, so that families can play games with their children and thereby make the journey more fun.
  • Friendly service staff are on hand throughout the train in order to take care of your every need.
  • Bedding is provided
  • You arrive rested and refreshed at the end of your rail journey, from where you can travel on to your final destination with renewed energy.
  • What’s more, you journey with a clear conscience: travelling by train is lighter on the environment than a trip by car.


  • Travelling to and from your destination overnight saves you two nights of hotel accommodation.
  • No unforeseen extra charges for excess baggage. (Bicycles are transported for an additional fee.)
  • Once at your holiday destination, you can use your own car, stay flexible, and save the cost of a rental vehicle.
  • Avoid the wear and tear to your vehicle of a journey of 1,000 kilometres and more
  • Save on fuel costs and any road tolls for the journey travelled by motorail.