The town of Bischofshofen is popular with holidaymakers and locals alike. Located not far from the city of Mozart in a picturesque landscape, Bischofshofen offers everything your heart desires. Bekannte Sehenswürdigkeiten und Ausflugsziele wie die Burg Hohenwerfen, die Eisriesenwelt, das Schloss Hellbrunn oder der fast 3.000 Meter hohe Hochkönig liegen in unmittelbarer Nähe. The Celtic town of Hallein and the picturesque Bluntau Valley are less than 30 minutes away. Mining was carried out around Bischofshofen more than 500 years ago. The Geo Park presents the exciting history of ore mining, its development and significance for the region in a particularly interesting way. The visitor centre in Bischofshofen is the best starting point for your excursions – with important information in your luggage, the adventure hikes around the beautiful village in Salzburger Land can then begin.

Photos: Adobe Stock/Turi

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