Welcome to Kufsteinerland – the perfect place for your holiday in Tyroland in Austria! An idyllic mountain world awaits you here with the murmur of a stream in the background. Majestically enthroned in the valley, Kufstein Fortress offers an impressive view. The town centre with its historical flair and natural ambience invites you to take a stroll: cobblestones, narrow alleys and small shops await you in the old town of Kufstein. The surrounding eight villages of the Kufsteinerland also have their very own character: as a health source, pleasure region, Haflinger village, energy place, liveable region and passionate destination, they offer a varied holiday experience. Here, living traditions meet top-class cultural events. Framed by the Zahmen Kaiser and Wilder Kaiser, Kufsteinerland becomes the gateway to the Tyrolean Alps and every step becomes an unforgettable experience. Experience sporting adventures in the midst of the mountain world and let yourself be inspired by the numerous highlights. Kufsteinerland – your perfect choice for a holiday in Tyrol and Austria!

Photo: Adobe Stock/U. Gernhoefer

Das Urlaubsziel Kufstein bieten wir Ihnen als Direktverbindung an. All information on the travel days and departure times of the UEX night trains can be obtained by clicking on the 2024 summer calendar and timetables HamburgDüsseldorf.

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