Munich – The hub to the Alps

When you think of Munich, the first things that come to mind are Weißwurst, FC Bayern and the Oktoberfest. You can do that, it’s part of the city in the south of our country. But Munich offers so much more than that. The green oases, such as the Englische Garten, the Isarauen and the parkland of the castles, as well as the proximity to the Alpen owes Munich its high leisure and recreational value. As a metropolis of art, culture and business, the Bavarian capital enjoys an international reputation. In summer, beer gardens with hearty food and cool wheat beer invite visitors to enjoy the day without stress. Munich is a metropolis, a big city, with all its hustle and bustle. But you can escape this and find your rest areas for body, mind and soul everywhere.

We have been driving our northern German guests south with our motorail trains for years. Many Scandinavians also use the comfortable way on the night train from Hamburg to Munich to come, if desired with the car or motorbike piggyback on the back. We offer a stress-free journey without traffic jams and annoying road works on the motorways. Well rested, you go straight on holiday the following morning.

The Loading terminal at Ostbahnhof is conveniently located for onward travel to, for example, the Starnberger See or the beautiful Chiemsee. Also the Allgäu, Salzburger Land and the Werdenfelser Land are of Munichvery quickly from the city centre.

Our insider tip

Alles Wurscht“, is the name of one of the most beautiful urban oases in Munich. A cheerfully flourishing kiosk where you can find the best currywurst in town and relax with a cool beer in the idyllic beer garden on Nikolaiplatz. Green, colourful, delicious and cheap.