Service on board

Service an Bord

Of course, we would like to provide for their physical well-being on our trains. On all connections, we offer an at-seat service by our UEX service crew outside the night-time hours. There you can get hot and cold snacks, as well as drinks. On our trains, we offer the popular UEX on-board breakfast in the morning (bookable) with bread rolls, margarine, jam, cheese, breakfast bars and a hot drink. Speak to our UEX service staff in the evening and state your desired breakfast time so that you can start the day with a warm coffee and your breakfast by the time you disembark. We recommend that you make your breakfast choice at the time of booking. Storage capacity for the additional on-board sales is tight on the train, so we may not be able to cater for all last-minute bookings. Sit back and enjoy the start of your holiday!

Photo: Adobe Stock/Svetlana

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