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Summer car trains 2024

In summer 2024, we will once again be offering motorail connections to Innsbruck, Villach, Munich, Lörrach, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Traveling in our comfortable trains will not only save you up to 1,000 road kilometers each way, but also a lot of stress on the highways. With this relaxed journey, you not only spare your nerves, but also the climate. Whether it’s a harmonious family holiday, a classic car meeting or the annual outing with your motorbike friends: With us you will always arrive rested at your destination! Of course, the Urlaubs-Express can also be booked as a classic night train without taking a vehicle.

Our “pedestrians” can use all the en-route stations on offer for getting on and off the train. Please note that the vehicles can only be loaded and unloaded at our terminals in Innsbruck, Villach, Munich, Lörrach, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Our guests can choose between comfortable sleeping and couchette coaches. Seat reservation is automatically included at no extra cost! On all UEX trains there is of course hot coffee and a delicious breakfast before arriving at your destination (bookable for an extra charge). The UEX on-board breakfast gives you a good start to the day and your well-deserved holiday.

800 kilometres without motorway stress and high petrol costs – instead, wake up in the morning and see, feel and enjoy the mountains. We drive you through the night and safely to your destination.

The night train to Lörrach, popular for onward travel to Switzerland, France or Italy. In the opposite direction, many guests use the UEX to travel on from our Hamburg-Altona to Scandinavia.

You start high in the north and wake up in one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Europe. This night train connection to Innsbruck is a real highlight in summer 2023.

In the summer of 2024 we’ll be going to Villach again! We are very pleased to be able to offer you Carinthia as a destination again and wish you a wonderful holiday.

This train is ideal for our Austria vacationers! After arriving in Tyrol, you can of course continue your journey to Italy. In the opposite direction, the North Sea beckons.

In the summer of 2024, we will once again be travelling to Villach in beautiful Carinthia with our cosy car trains. Enjoy your holiday and take advantage of the many opportunities to explore the breat

Photos: Adobe Stock/Dietwalther, Eva Bocek, Eberhard Spaeth, Noppasinw

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