The time to act is now. Freiburg recognised this back in the 1970s and set out to become an environ Many sustainable concepts were developed and numerous projects implemented. The “we” was and still is in the foreground at all times: Together with the population, the economy, science, educational institutions, churches, cultural institutions and many other institutions, a unique Freiburg mix was created that is now known worldwide under the slogan “Green City Freiburg”. The city is further strengthening its commitment to climate protection. Already in autumn 2021, the municipal council decided on a climate protection offensive. An important component: with the current municipal budget, the previous climate protection fund became the Future Climate Protection Fund, which will provide 12 million euros annually for the next six years for additional climate protection measures. It is therefore very fitting that you have chosen a sustainable travel option with the Urlaubs-Express. haben.

Photos: Adobe Stock/Thomas Riebesehl

The holiday destination Freiburg we offer you as a direct connection. The Urlaubs-Express team wishes you lots of fun on your summer holiday!

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