Lörrach – The small town at the border triangle

Unsere UEX-Züge nach Lörrach starten an vielen Wochenenden am Freitagabend in Hamburg und liegen damit ideal zum Quartierwechsel in den Urlaubs-Regionen in der Schweiz und Frankreich.Gleichzeitig bieten wir den vielen Gästen aus der Schweiz und Baden-Württemberg eine Wochenend-Anreise in den Norden zur Weiterfahrt nach Sylt, Rügen oder Skandinavien. The car train to the district town Lörrach is a classic of our motorrail connections. Close to the border not far from Basel located, is Lörrach often booked as a stopover for holidays in France and Switzerland The connection to Lörrach is also popular with motorcyclists who want to enjoy riding in the mountains without first having to cover 800 kilometers on the highway in wind and weather. But the nice little town is by no means just a transit stop, because in Lörrach there is a lot to discover: A Art circuit through the city center will lead you to an exciting mix of fountains and sculptures by renowned artists and in the Open Bridge under Lörrachs highway bridge you can admire graffiti and street art in large format. High above Lörrach towers the Burg Rötteln, Hoch über Lörrach thront der

Our insider tip

The Kandertal Bahn – Historic steam trains depart from the nearby Kandern to Haltingen. The 40-minute ride takes you back to the good old days of the railway. The round trip costs € 16,00, children pay half.

Photos: Adobe Stock/Andronov, Pfefferle