Motorcycle tours in a mountain and lake paradise. Unlimited biking fun on the south side of the Alps

When you say Carinthia, you mean southern flair, a Mediterranean climate, mountains, beautiful excursion destinations, bathing lakes, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and a relaxed lifestyle. Conquering Austria’s southernmost province by motorcycle is an obvious choice. With a bike, you are right in the middle of it all – in the summer sunshine, in the hustle and bustle of the tourist regions, simply in everything this country has to offer.

As soon as you have left the northern Alpine passes with their spectacular hairpin bends behind you on your motorcycle tour, the atmosphere changes. It becomes lighter, airier, more carefree. And you and your bike are right in the middle of it! So what is this paradise for top-class motorcycle tours? This country that should be on every summer tour itinerary? Where Alpine passes, panoramic roads such as the Grossglockner High Alpine Road with its numerous hairpin bends and fantastic excursion destinations alternate with each other? Carinthia is located at the intersection of the Germanic, Slavic and Romance worlds. Here, three (language) cultures meet within a few kilometers and create a region with southern flair. Discover the top 10 motorcycle tours south of the Alps here. Simply perfect for motorcycle tours that offer a little bit of everything. This doesn’t just include delicious food, friendly people and an exciting culture. What particularly attracts motorcyclists is a landscape with motorcycle routes where they can indulge their passion to their heart’s content.

What’s on the tour plan today? A route in the region, an interesting destination or an adventure? The Grossglockner High Alpine Road? Or a cross-border motorcycle tour full of challenging hairpin bends? Breakfast in Italy, lunch in Slovenia, dinner in a comfortable motorcycle hotel in Austria – all in one day. Border crossers on motorcycles are offered a lot on their motorcycle tours: the mountain ranges of the Tauern, Karawanken, Gurktal and Carnic Alps and their panoramic routes and Alpine passes with a multitude of hairpin bends. Experience the colorful facets of the varied Alps-Adriatic region, where bikers can be bikers. Extensive motorcycle tours on winding mountain routes, romantic panoramic routes and the most beautiful lake roads in each region await.