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Others about us: Since 2017, the Urlaubs-Express has been on the rails in Germany, Austria and Italy. Since then, we have repeatedly been the subject of reporting from very different angles. Here is a brief overview:

Andere über uns Presse

report-k from 01.09.2022

The Kölner Internetzeitung travelled with us to Villach.

Berliner Zeitung from 01.02.2022

Peter Neumann writes about the first trip of our holiday express to Berlin.

Abendzeitung from 03.08.2021

Paul Nöllke asked UEX passengers about their motives for travelling with us.

Weser-Kurier from 03.07.2021

The Weser-Kurier reports on the first trip of our holiday express to Basel to Ostseebad Binz.

Handelsblatt from 08.02.2021

Dieter Fockenbrock took the time to write a company portrait of Train4you GmbH.

Siegener Zeitung from 24.01.2021

Martin Völkel reports on Siegen’s connection to international night train services.

Deutsche Bahn 2020 on the planned relocation of the motorail facility in Hamburg

The major project in Altona also has implications for the Urlaubs-Express.

Süddeutsche Zeitung from 16.08.2019

A for Autozug: Monika Mayer-Albang has added us to the SZ lexicon.

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger from 16.06.2018

Karlheinz Wagner portrays Train4you Managing Director Niko Maedge.

Kölnische Rundschau from 06.04.2018

Ingo Schmitz on the German longing for Italy and the most convenient way to get there.

Merkur from 11.01.2017

The end of DB car trains does not mean the end of the car train per se – the Mercury with the dpa piece on our launch.

Photo: Adobe Stock/Deagreez