Where the Brixentaler Ache joins the Inn and the valley becomes wide and sweeping, there lies the town of Wörgl, with 13,000 inhabitants one of the largest municipalities in Tyrol. Wörgl is considered one of the most important shopping centres in the Tyrolean lowlands. Situated in the Hohe Salve holiday region, Wörgl is the perfect starting point for a wealth of hiking and cycling tours. In addition to enjoyable routes in the valley, the family-friendly ascent to the local mountain Möslalmkogel or a tour to the Hohe Salve (1,829 metres) with its magnificent views are highly recommended. For winter sports enthusiasts, the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental is just a stone’s throw away in winter. Incidentally, the town of Wörgl is the birthplace of free money! Freigeld was an alternative currency that was introduced in Wörgl in the 1930s during the Great Depression by the then mayor Michael Unterguggenberg. The idea was simple: the municipality issued free money notes, which were accepted as a means of payment in the region. The free money was a great success. In the first few months after its introduction, demand for labour increased, the economy flourished and unemployment fell. However, the experiment was soon banned by the authorities. Photo: Adobe Stock/leszekglasner

Das Urlaubsziel Wörgl bieten wir Ihnen als Direktverbindung an. For all information on the travel days and departure times of the UEX night trains, click on the Winter Calendar 2024 and the Hamburg and Münster timetables.

The Urlaubs-Express team wishes you lots of fun on your winter holiday!

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