Innsbruck – The beautiful city on the Inn

In 2013, Innsbruck was voted the third most beautiful city in Europe after Riga (Latvia) and Bergen (Norway) by the readers of USA Today in an online poll. The capital of Tyrol has really earned its place on the podium. Hugged by the mountains, Innsbruck is a true treasure of Austria. The small town on the Inn invites you to take a stroll through the old town, with a short stop at the landmark, the Goldenes Dachl in Herzog-Friedrich-Straße. For lunch we have Tyrolean bacon dumplings and a delicious light Bürgerbräu. In the afternoon, a visit to Munding, Tyrol’s oldest confectionery café, is not to be missed. The finest cakes, tarts and chocolates and a perfect coffee round off the afternoon. This or something similar is how you can spend a beautiful and relaxing summer day in the capital of the Alps.

We have been guests with our car tour train since 2018 and we look forward to the new season every year. Innsbruck is a paradise for mountain hikers and of course also for our motorcyclists, who start from here to the best mountain tours. Our tip: Visit the website of our partner Here you will find accommodation, excursion and hiking destinations, the best restaurants in town and much more. And of course many impressive photos of one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Europe.

Our insider tip

Nala – Individuell Hotel (Fallmerayerstraße 8, Innsbruck)

An ultra-cool, very modern hotel in Innsbruck with individually designed rooms and people who really enjoy the hotel business. But what is more important is that the environment is taken care of here, and sustainably: energy-efficient construction, 90 % green electricity and 100 % ecologically based cleaning agents. And the service is right anyway.

Photos: Bopp, Adobe Stock/Bocek