The idea of loading the car onto the train and traveling long distances in a relaxed, stress-free and, above all, environmentally friendly manner is almost 100 years old and the idea is still relevant. Drive your vehicle onto the motorail train, board our cosy sleeper and couchette cars and arrive at your holiday destination well-rested.

With the Urlaubs-Express you make distance while you sleep and continue the journey to your individual destination the next morning in your own vehicle. Enjoy the freedom to take as much luggage as will fit in your vehicle and maybe even a trailer. At the same time, you can save on your mileage account with insurance companies and leasing partners. Do you like to have your own bike with you on holiday? No problem, we are happy to take that too.

Of course, you can also use the Urlaubs-Express without a vehicle. With connections en route, there are attractive night train connections to great destinations.

The journey to your well-deserved holiday begins when you board our train. Es ist einfach etwas Besonderes in einem Nachtzug zu fahren, mit einem Gläschen Rotwein auf den Tisch aus dem Fenster zu schauen und die Nacht an einem vorüberziehen zu lassen. When you are tired, just lie down in bed and dream of your holiday.

We will take you safely to your destination and wish you a wonderful vacation!

Photos: Adobe Stock / Herhold