Dear guests, the vouchers for your journey with the Urlaubs-Express are regularly sent out to you 14 to 10 days before departure. We kindly ask you to refrain from making enquiries in this regard due to the very high frequency of calls to the ServiceCenter at present. Thank you very much, your team from the Urlaubs-Express
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Wed., 21.07.2021
UEX Night Hamburg – Villach
Mit FahrzeugverladungHamburg – Villach

UEX Night Düsseldorf – Villach
Mit FahrzeugverladungDüsseldorf – Villach

Thu., 22.07.2021
UEX Night Villach – Hamburg
Mit FahrzeugverladungVillach – Hamburg

UEX Night Villach – Düsseldorf
Mit FahrzeugverladungVillach – Düsseldorf

UEX Night Hamburg – Lörrach
Mit FahrzeugverladungHamburg – Lörrach

Fri., 23.07.2021
UEX Night Hamburg – Verona
Mit FahrzeugverladungHamburg – Verona

UEX Night Düsseldorf – Verona
Mit FahrzeugverladungDüsseldorf – Verona

UEX Night Basel – Ostseebad Binz
Mit FahrzeugverladungLörrach – Hamburg

Sat., 24.07.2021
UEX Night Verona – Hamburg
Mit FahrzeugverladungVerona – Hamburg

UEX Night Verona – Düsseldorf
Mit FahrzeugverladungVerona – Düsseldorf

UEX Night Ostseebad Binz – Basel
Mit FahrzeugverladungHamburg – Lörrach

Sun., 25.07.2021
UEX Night Lörrach – Hamburg
Mit FahrzeugverladungLörrach – Hamburg

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UEX update: No test obligation for participation in UEX rides

At present, our ServiceCenter is receiving many enquiries from customers about possible test requirements for their booked journey with the Urlaubs-Express. Travelling with the UEX travel is not subject to any requirements such as current Corona tests, vaccination certificates or similar. Please note:

Huge demand! Urlaubs-Express launches additional trains

Many international tourist regions are rejoicing over a huge demand, and we at the Urlaubs-Express are also very impressed: Our trains to Italy and Austria are currently experiencing a real rush of bookings! To enable even more guests to travel with the Urlaubs-Express, additional trains to Verona and Innsbruck are being operated. (more …)