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At a glance:
The UEX motorail trains 2021

Düsseldorf to
Innsbruck, Verona, Villach, Wien
Hamburg to
München, Verona, Villach, Wien
Innsbruck to
Lörrach to

München to
Verona to
Düsseldorf, Hamburg
Villach to
Düsseldorf, Hamburg
Wien to
Düsseldorf, Hamburg

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Safe booking with the Corona Protection Insurance

For all bookings, the Urlaubs-Express recommends coverage through the favorable insurance offers of our partner Hanse-Merkur. New in the program is the Corona travel insurance, which can be booked as a supplement to your travel cancellation insurance - even if you have already taken out cancellation insurance with Hanse-Merkur. (more ...)

Urlaubs-Express has completed its summer sesaon

With the punctual arrival of UEX 1846 from Munich to Hamburg, the fourth summer season of the Urlaubs-Express has come to an end. From the new start on 28 June, UEX was able to operate a total of 56 night trains, and the punctuality rate was once again pleasingly high in the summer at over 92 percent. (more …)

Accommodation and Facilities

Our UEX motorail trains consist of couchettes, sleeping cars, the motorail wagons of course and on the trains Hamburg - Verona an on-board dining car. Here you can find detailed information on the different types of wagons. (more …)