Anyone who comes to Tyrol experiences a country whose majestic mountain world immediately enchants you. Because it touches the soul, makes countless activities possible and because it is reflected in the people who live here and welcome those seeking relaxation.

“I came here, forced as it were, finally to a place of rest, a quiet place, as I could only have wished for”, wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe about Tyrol in 1829. Forgetting home, escaping the stress of everyday life and simply finding yourself – that’s what many holidaymakers still associate with the Land im Gebirg’ in the west of Austria. Its mountain world is unique: more than 500 peaks exceed the 3,000 metre mark, over 600 different glaciers cover the high-altitude mountain landscapes on the main Alpine ridge, green mountain pastures with rustic huts invite you to stop for a bite to eat in an idyllic atmosphere.

There are almost no limits to sporting activities and tours for connoisseurs in Tirol, whatever the season. Hiking and climbing in summer, for example, with unforgettable summit experiences. Skiing, cross-country skiing and tobogganing in winter, when the region is cloaked in its romantic snow. Whether in Ötztal, Paznauntal, Pitztal, Zillertal, Stubaital, East Tyrol, Lake Achensee, the provincial capital Innsbruck or the legendary Kitzbühel: in the regions and towns you can experience the old customs of the Tyroleans and an often high-calibre cultural scene. The cosy Tyrolean inns offer tempting specialities to give you the strength you long for after a long day in the fresh air. When it gets really hot in summer, the region has plenty of clear lakes to offer in addition to its mountains. To cool off. For daydreaming. And to forget about home.