Vehicle loading

“Hello, how are you!” With a smile on the face our loading crew welcomes you at the loading terminal. During the check-in in the afternoon our staff provides you with all the details of the car or motorcycle transport. Loading starts round about two hours prior to departure of your Urlaubs-Express.

At most UEX-Staions, the couchettes and sleepers are already waiting at the platform ready for boarding. Please check the displays and listen to the announcements by speaker as technical changes may occur from time to time.

After boarding you have the opportunity to leave the train again for some sightseeing oder shopping, while vehicle loading is in process. Please be back in your compartment a couple of minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the train.

After arriving at your destination the car transport wagons maybe have to be shunted to the car terminal, depending on the destination. After that, you are ready to go. Enjoy your holiday!

Important information

  • Urlaubs-Express operates with a tight and fixed schedule. Check-in und vehicle load have to be completed within a certain window of time. You´ll find all relevant data in your individual travel voucher, which will be sent to you in time before your date of travel.
  • Please allow enough time for your journey to the loading terminal – don´t forget to calculate some reserve.
  • Check-in starts at the time mentioned in the voucher. Please have your voucher and your car papers at hand at any time.
  • Please understand, that we can not guarantee your journey with us, if you arrive late at the check-in.
  • The car data you submitted with the booking are part of the contract. If size, width, height oder weight of the car will be different at the check-in, we gently want to inform you right now, that our loading staff might refuse to load your car due to security reasons.
  • If you change your car after booking (i.e. buying a new one), please contact us before the date of travel. For certain cars with special measurements there is a limited number of special storage positions on the train.