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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my booking?2020-09-30T13:25:03+02:00

Yes, bookings may be modified, but only if the desired service is still available. Later modifications to an otherwise unchanged booking (e.g., sleeping car instead of couchette) and changes to the vehicle are subject to an administrative fee of €35 per transaction. In addition, any difference between the price of the original ticket and the current price of the new ticket must also be paid. Changes to the date of travel or to the route can be made up to 14 days before the departure date of the original train. Such modifications may only be made once and on condition that space is available on the alternative date of travel. A period of at least seven days must lie between the date on which a booking is modified and the new date of travel. An administrative fee of €35 per journey will be charged for changes to the date of travel. In this case, we will refund the original ticket price and then charge the new, current ticket price plus the administrative fee. Any other changes, including non-commencement of/withdrawal from the journey, will be regarded as cancellation. Details can be viewed in the Train4You General Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.

Do you accept the Bahncard?2020-04-15T20:17:54+02:00

Train4You is an independent private company and has no cooperative arrangement with Deutsche Bahn. We are therefore unable to accept the Bahncard.

How is my vehicle insured during transport?2020-04-15T20:17:04+02:00

Train4you is liable for damage to the vehicle in cases of negligent or culpable behaviour of its employees and agents during loading and unloading. In addition, we recommend that you take out supplementary insurance. Our partner HanseMerkur offers a special insurances for motorail transport starting from as little as € 18,- per direction. HanseMerkur also offers other important insurance products for your journeys. For further information please contact us or click here.



How is my vehicle loaded on to the motorail wagon?2020-04-15T20:16:55+02:00

You must arrive at the motorail terminal at the agreed check-in time. Please consult your travel documents for the exact time. Our trained staff will check that the vehicle dimensions and weight correspond to the information provided in the booking. If this is the case, you will then be requested to drive your vehicle onto the UEX double-decker motorail wagons. This is like driving into a regular carwash. Our employees will instruct you what to do and then secure your vehicle. If required, one of our employees will drive your vehicle on to the motorail wagons. In this case, however, we can accept no liability for damage.

How about the liability for valuables?2020-09-03T13:23:56+02:00

We respectfully inform you that we can not accept any liability for your valuables. Please ensure that you look after your own property and do not leave it unattended at any time.

Which instructions apply for motorcycle transport?2020-09-03T13:22:40+02:00

Maximum height and width restrictions also apply for all motorcycles and motorcycles with sidecars. Motorcycles and any luggage must be properly secured. This is because wind pressure may act in a direction opposite to the motorcycle’s normal direction of travel. In certain cases, it may be necessary to remove extra-large windshields. At the motorail terminal, motorcycles are often loaded before cars. It is therefore important that all motorcyclists arrive at the terminal in good time, i.e., around two to three hours before departure. This ensures that there is adequate time to make any necessary adjustments to luggage and the motorcycle.

Do I need to prepare my vehicle in any way?2020-04-15T20:16:31+02:00

All vehicles must be properly registered and roadworthy. You are required to provide the size and weight of your vehicle at the time of booking. Please consult your vehicle documentation for this information. The maximum permitted vehicle height varies according to the size of the tunnels on the route travelled. This will be communicated to you at the time of booking. Please note that incorrect information regarding vehicle height can lead to us being unable to transport your vehicle. The customer must also ensure that the vehicle is suitable for backwards transport up to 140 km/h. The vehicle must be transported backwards on certain sections of the route.

Can I take a trailer?2020-04-15T20:16:22+02:00

Yes, single-axle and double-axle trailers are permitted. However, the combined length of vehicle and trailer must not exceed 10 metres. Cars with trailers can only be transported on the lower transport deck. Therefore, both may not be higher than 155 cm. Trailers cannot be adequately secured without a fixed connection with a towing vehicle, so transport without a towing vehicle is not possible. We regret that we cannot transport caravans.

Can I take a bicycle?2022-11-20T13:34:01+02:00

From summer 2021, most UEX trains will run with a bicycle transport car, so that transport is no longer limited to stations with vehicle loading facilities. Bicycles will be transported for an additional fee of € 33.00 (Italy € 39.00). If the bicycle is mounted on a rear carrier on the car, bicycle transport is free of charge. Please note: The total length of the loaded vehicle, i.e. including the bicycles on the rear carrier, must not exceed the length of 5.35m. The bike carrier must be approved for the weight (no self-made). When transporting e-bikes, please make sure that you use a suitable and approved carrier due to the higher weight of the e-bikes. Due to height restrictions, it is not possible to transport your bike on the roof of your vehicle. Height restrictions also apply in the case of bicycles transported on rear carriers. Cars with rear bike racks are loaded on the top or bottom. Please be sure to include this information in your booking and provide the total length of the vehicle including the rear bike rack. For safety reasons (fire protection), it is not permitted to take the batteries of e-bikes into the compartment.


Can I take a roof box or rear-mounted bike rack?2020-04-15T20:16:01+02:00

Generally yes. But please note: Roof racks or roof boxes are only permissible if they are commercially available (no self-constructions), permanently mounted roof boxes or roof racks and the total permissible height of the passenger car on the car transport wagon is not exceeded as a result. The same applies to rear carriers (including load). In the case of vehicles with roof racks and/or roof boxes, the height including the roof structure must be stated. This applies analogously to the length and height of rear carriers. It is recommended to contact our Service Centre (, +49 (0) 221-80020820) when booking roof or rear racks. Irrespective of the booking, the loading master may in exceptional cases order the driver to dismantle roof or rear racks at the terminal for safety reasons or for the purpose of optimum load distribution. In this case, boxes/carriers are secured separately from the vehicle. The driver is obliged to carry with him any special tools required for assembling the boxes/carriers.


My vehicle, including roof box or bike rack, is marginally too high. Can I make it conform to the maximum permitted height by reducing tyre pressure?2020-04-15T20:15:53+02:00

No, any reduction in tyre pressure would mean that your vehicle no longer meets road traffic regulations. As such, it would no longer be roadworthy. Similarly, your vehicle would no longer have adequate purchase on the motorail wagon, so that safe transport could no longer be assured. Moreover, vehicles must have a ground clearance of at least 11 centimetres.

Can I rejoin my vehicle during the train journey?2020-04-15T20:15:43+02:00

No, for technical and safety reasons, this is not permitted. Before departure, please take any personal belongings that you require for the journey with you to the compartment. As on an aircraft, you will be unable to access your luggage during the journey. Unlike an airline, however, we do not have any restrictions on hand baggage.

Should I take food and drink with me?2022-11-14T12:31:36+02:00

On trains without a restaurant, breakfast can be booked on board. There is the UEX onboard breakfast (Düsseldorf – Verona, Düsseldorf – Villach, Hamburg – Villach) for € 14.90 and the UEX breakfast classic (Hamburg-Innsbruck, Hamburg – Munich) for € 8.90. In addition, our UEX service staff offer an at-seat service with snacks and drinks on all trains.

Should I make an advance reservation for the on-board dining car?2020-04-15T20:15:19+02:00

We strongly recommend making an advance reservation, because the demand for tables normally is high and the capacity of the dining car (on the trains Hamburg-Verona – Hamburg) is limited. Even by serving in a 2-shift-system there might be unfortnuantely no open table for spontaneous guests.

Can I take pets with me?2020-04-15T20:15:11+02:00

No other animals than dogs and cats be transported. For animal transport an extra fee applies. Animal transport is only accepted if a compartment is booked for your sole use and the animal is included in the original booking. Outside of the compartment, dogs must be leashed and muzzled at all times. Please ensure that you take enough dog food for the journey and remember that after departure there might be no opportunity to leave the train for several hours . Please note that animals except guide dogs for the blind are not allowed in the on-board-restaurant. A deposit of €150 per animal must be paid on board the train. This will be returned at the end of the journey,  provided that the animal has not caused any damage. Train4You reserves the right to pursue any higher claims resulting from damage caused by the animal.

Are there plug sockets on board?2020-04-15T20:15:03+02:00

Yes, almost all of our compartments are fitted with 220 V plug sockets. In some cars plug sockets are only available in the aisles.

Is smoking allowed on the train?2022-11-14T10:26:28+02:00

No, in line with legal regulations, all UEX trains are non-smoking. For violations of the smoking ban, which trigger an alarm of the fire alarm system, we charge a fee of 200.00 €.

Do trains have seats and toilets suitable for disabled people and wheelchair users?2020-04-15T20:14:46+02:00

We regret that our trains do not offer seats and toilets suitable for the disabled and wheelchair users

Which payment methods are available?2020-04-15T20:14:34+02:00

Payments for tickets must be made after receipt of the booking confirmation before departure by bank transfer to the account indicated in the invoice. If the amount is paid to someone else, the payment is made at one’s own risk. On the train you can pay food and drinks from a minimum amount of Euro 10,– by credit or EC card.

I was looking for prices some time ago. Now the same trip costs more. Why is that?2020-04-15T20:14:23+02:00

For the Urlaubs-Express we use a flexible pricing system as you know it from many airlines, for example. The prices vary depending on the destination, day, route and the load capacity already reached at the day of booking. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve a certain daily price for a later booking date. The Urlaubs-Express price policy always is: Early booking pays off!

When can I expect to be able to unload my vehicle and continue driving after arrival?2020-04-15T20:14:11+02:00

Please allow approx. 45 minutes for the first vehicle to start unloading.  At most UEX terminals, after the announced arrival time arrival the motorail wagons must first be uncoupled from the passenger wagons and shunted to the loading ramp. Then the vehicles can leave one after the other.

Do you offer a discount for kids?2020-09-03T13:24:37+02:00

There is a children’s price for children aged 4-14 years. Children under the age of four travel free of charge, as long as they do not occupy their own seat, couch or bed. For safety reasons, babies and toddlers are not allowed to travel in the luggage compartment

The plate number of my car or the vehicle dimensions have changed since booking. What now?2020-09-30T13:33:49+02:00

Please make sure to inform us of any changes to plate number before the start of your journey in order to avoid delays during loading. The processing fee for this is 35,- €.

Changes to the vehicle or the vehicle dimensions must always be agreed with us in advance. We can refuse a change if there are no more contingents available for the new vehicle category. In this case only a cancellation with costs is possible. If you arrive for loading with another vehicle than the one booked, Train4you can refuse the transport.

A rebooking fee of 35,- € per transaction will be charged. In addition, a possible price difference between old and new vehicle category has to be paid.

Which Corona rules apply on the Urlaubs-Express?2022-11-22T11:52:22+02:00

For travel on the Urlaubs-Express, masks are mandatory. In some federal states, an FFP2 mask is mandatory. Please inform yourself once again about the applicable Corona rules before starting your journey. Train4you Vertriebs GmbH does not assume any guarantee or liability.

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