Tyrol – The showcase region for soft tourism

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Great experiences while leaving only a small ecological footprint. This works very well together in Tyrol and those who want to travel in an environmentally conscious way will find more and more opportunities in Austria’s flagship region for sustainable tourism. Dies fängt schon mit der bequemen Anreise mit Bus und Bahn an. The Urlaubs-Express has also increased the number of journeys to Innsbruck once again this summer. In Tyrol, you can holiday in a way that protects nature and supports local service providers. There are many certified accommodations with seals of approval for sustainable tourism, restaurants and hosts who keep supply chains short and buy goods regionally. These are just a few aspects of soft tourism in the region. More and more businesses are living this example and more and more guests are following this approach.

Action or rather quiet – something for everyone

Here, all travelers – young or old, couples or individualists – will find their favorite vacation activities: whether it’s a rigorous hike in the nature park or in the mountains, excursions by public transportation, a slow-food meal in selected huts and restaurants, or an overnight stay in an old inn that has been gently remodeled and updated to the most modern standards. Or as a self-caterer in a remote hut, as a camper, as a family on a farm, as an individualist in an eco-resort connected to outdoor sports. Running, cycling, flying on the mountain and on the alpine pasture, as a trail runner, wild swimmer or paraglider. Tirol offers many ways to enjoy a holiday in harmony with yourself and nature. Consideration for resources goes hand in hand with taste, enjoyment and well-being.

Guest cards in Tyrol

The guest cards of the holiday regions are becoming increasingly valuable for many people who spend the most beautiful days of the year in Tyrol. Because in the meantime, the cards that are handed out to holidaymakers in the respective accommodation are often also valid as tickets for local public transport. The use of buses and partly also the use of regional trains, ski or hiking buses and hotel shuttles are thus free of charge. In addition, depending on the season, the cards include reduced or free admission to numerous excursion destinations, museums, adventure parks and swimming pools as well as rides on the local mountain railways.

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